Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is elected by the Bus Stop Theatre Co-op membership during our Annual General Meetings every spring. The Board meets once per month to hear from staff, coordinate the work accomplished by committees, and supervise the organisation as a whole on behalf of the membership. The Board is the voice of the membership throughout the year. 



Committees are open to all members of the Bus Stop Theatre Co-op and meet every two months on average. The committees are the main line of engagement for members to shape the co-op and how we can better serve you. They’re a great way to learn about organisational skills by collaborating with other members. In all cases, no prior experience is required.

Co-op Strategy

Calling all policy nerds and process geeks! This is where the governance structure of the co-op is shaped. Evaluate processes, craft policies, determine what skills and representation are missing from the organisation, and plan for training opportunities. Help us set the right course for a bright future.


Booooring!! Not really, actually. This committee helps our Treasurer provide oversight of the Bus Stop Theatre Co-op’s financial results by reviewing quarterly financial statements and providing recommendations when needed. It’s a great way to develop financial literacy that you can apply in your own projects.

Membership Engagement

Be part of the think tank behind what makes it great to be a member of the Bus Stop Theatre Co-op by crafting  membership benefits, planning member socials and brainstorming other ideas to engage our members. This is where you help others discover what you love about the Bus Stop.

Representation & Inclusion Caucus

Matters of equity are everyone’s responsibility at the Bus Stop Theatre Co-op. However, having lived experience gives you the ability to perceive opportunities for improvement that might not be picked up by others. Join others of like experience in a caucus that offers direction to the staff and board on how to make sure we are representative and inclusive of all communities.