The Bus Stop Rolls into the Future

Don’t have time? jump to the TL/DR (September 17, 2015) Halifax, N.S. – The Bus Stop Theatre rolls into the next phase in its evolution this month as Clare Waque, […]

5 Reasons to come to the Bus Stop Theatre this August!

Amazing workshop opportunity from Bill Wood and Rhys Bevan-John Misery Loves Theatre Company presents: The Invocation Process: group creation through primitive psychological technology (i.e ritual magic). Rhys Bevan-John and Bill […]

It’s that Time of Year Again

The Bus Stop Theatre Cooperative is entering it’s 3rd year as a community run organization. This year’s Annual General Meeting is going to be the most important meeting we’ve hosted […]

Residents: An Open Mic House Fundraiser

This two-day fundraising event will feature musical performance and storytelling by those who have been positively  impacted by the Open Mic House. Do you have a story about the Open […]

You Cancelled?

We’re sorry to hear that. Maybe you can help us do better in the future!

Thank You!

[divider] Thanks for supporting the Bus Stop Theatre! Your support helps us grow, establish new development programs and workshops, provide event producers with affordable space, and helps elevate artist ideas and […]

Mayworks 2015: Call for Submissions

Mayworks is a special little festival that happens each year around the beginning of May. The timing marks May Day, an international day of worker resistance (like Labour Day but decidedly revolutionary). […]