Covid-19 Renter’s Handbook & Space Set up

*Subject to change as new health guidelines and protocols are put in place. Updated on July 11, 2022*

  1. Theatre Capacity and Set up
  2. Renter/Performer Requirements
  3. Sanitization Protocol
  4. Fees

1 – Theatre Capacity and Set up

Due to current health and safety regulations, we will be implementing the following changes to the standard theatre capacity and set up of the space:

  1. As of March 21st, all mandates have been lifted. Currently the venue is running at full capacity of 149. This number is subject to change bases upon public health and safety recommendations. Please note that this includes all staff, performers, and audience members.
  2. We STRONGLY encourage our patrons to continue to wear masks whenever possible. 
  3. Renters MUST check in with Bus Stop Theatre staff before putting tickets up for sale to ensure ticket numbers can be accommodated.
  4. All Bus Stop Theatre staff will continue to be masked when interacting with the public.
  5. Any further Covid guidelines will be at the discretion of the renter hosting the event.

2 – Renter/performer/audience Requirements

All renters/performers/audience are encouraged to continue to practice physical distancing and masking whenever possible.

3 – Sanitization Protocol

The lobby, theatre, dressing room and community room will be cleaned and all surfaces sanitized regularly and prior to each rental. 

For multi day rentals, the renter is responsible for cleaning/sanitizing the dressing room and any equipment which will be used by multiple people.

Cleaning products will be provided for the renter to use in the space.

4- Fees

While we recognize that revenue potential is reduced for renters due to lowered audience numbers, our rental rates will remain the same due to increased operational costs. 

Furthermore, our multi day rental discounts have returned to pre-covid ratios:

3+ day rentals receive a 10% discount
7+ day rentals receive a 20% discount