Lighting Inventory

We have access to a small stock of other fixtures for backups and extras that are subject to availability. If your installation needs a bit more than what is listed here, or if you have any questions, send an inquiry to our Technical Director Matt Downey at


ETC Nomad and Gateway II (installed on a laptop w a touchscreen)

24/48 ETC Express (backup)


ETC Sensor rack  with 32 channels of 20amp Dimming

6 x portable 4ch 500w dimmer box (24ch total)


6 x  30 Degree Strand Lekos

6 x  40 Degree Strand Lekos

9 x  ETC Source 4 Jr zooms 25-50

14 x  64Q Altman Fresnels

12 x  America DJ Dotz Par LEDs