Government Funding: Cue 1

As many people will have heard by now, HRM has confirmed it’s $250,000 commitment over two years to the Bus Stop Theatre Co-op in order to permit us to purchase and save the theatre.

This important first government commitment toward our project has been made possible thanks to the extraordinary show of support from all our fans who have written, called or showed up to voice their concern about our future. We also want to thank Councilor Lindell Smith for taking a lead in advocating on our behalf at Regional Council and also the Mayor and all Councilors who voted in support of the funding.

Now we renew our attention toward the provincial and federal governments from whom we also hope to receive support. We encourage everyone to follow up with their provincial and federal representatives to keep those wheels turning!

On a related note of thanks to Councilor Lindell Smith, we’ve recently finished installing our technical upgrades made possible thanks to the District 8 Participatory Budget (thanks again to all those who voted in our favour)! These include new microphones and lights, as well as new sound and lighting control boards that will really “up our game” when hosting music shows and any live performance events.