Isolation Art – Our Members Go Digital

We hope you are all well during this strange and difficult time. All performances this month have been cancelled at the theatre, but that doesn’t mean our members haven’t been busy. Below, you will find all kinds of amazing art that our members have been creating from their homes. We look forward to seeing you again at the theatre in the future. Until then, if you are able, please help support our members by sharing their art, donating the price of a ticket if they had a show cancelled, or by making a donation to the Bus Stop Theatre. 
Be well, be safe and be kind to yourself and each other.
– The Bus Stop Theatre Co-op

Happy Birthday Heist – A Live Broadcast

April 9th, 8:00pm

Heist is turning 4 years old! And we’d like to celebrate with you! So we’ve planned a special fundraising live broadcast with Princess Edward and Abel T. Suckizone where you can expect:
It’s a Thursday night throwdown in isolation – get your tickle trunk out, dress to impress, and enjoy yourself because you’re incredible. Friday is a holiday so let loose!


Tickets to the live broadcast are $6 through our amazing partner Side Door Access, but we don’t want anyone left out because of the cost of entry. If you need a comp ticket, head to to request one, no questions asked. We need you with us.

Softly, now. Part concert. Part memoir.

While 2b Theatre’s world premiere of Softly, now has been postponed, you can catch Christian Barry (Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story) and Anthony Black (One Discordant Violin) singing a few songs from the show on  2b’s IG TV channel.

Kick at the Dark presents Giant Killer Shark: The Musical
April 15th, 7:30pm
A Sing-A-Long Live Stream

In an age of pandemic, Kick At The Dark Theatre is happy to invite you back to a simpler time, when the only thing to be afraid of… was having your face bitten off by a shark.

For one night only, we present a live-stream of our archival recording of the show you probably didn’t get to see, now updated in SING-O-VISION! 

Sing along to your favourite songs!  Join in the dance!  Confuse your neighbours!
Check out this trailer!
Tickets are PWYC donation and are available here.

Stewart Legere Live – National Arts Centre #Canadaperforms Series 

April 17th, 7:00pm EDT

Join Stewart Legere, Friday April 17th, for a live-streaming a show brought to you by the The National Arts Centre. The National Arts Centre will be streaming it via their pages, and you can also catch it on Stewart’s FB artist page or on instagram live – @stewartlegere

Stephanie Kincade’s Collaboration with Kaidan Ivy’s Sanctuary for Magical Misfits 

With the likely delay of our upcoming show at The Bus Stop Theatre I am excited to share that I am collaborating with the incredible Caitlin Coo of Kaiden Ivy’s sanctuary for magical misfits on her upcoming fashion line. My art will be featured in a number her pieces.  Here’s a sneak peak of one of my designs/pieces and of how it’s being used in her line (sneak peak of one of her creations included). Rose design and hand embroidery is mine.

Mayworks Goes Digital

We’re going digital with an entirely online festival for 2020 with screenings, playlists, broadcasts and more!

With the global impact of COVID-19, we are hoping to bring arts, entertainment, and social justice to the homes of Nova Scotians by presenting an exciting and varied virtual program, including a new and evolving project: Voices from the Pandemic: COVID 19 & Work. Our goal at Mayworks is to highlight and champion work and workers; we can’t think of a more important period in our collective memory to do so.

Stay tuned for details as we prepare for a new exciting lineup of digital programming in celebration of workers and social justice!

Voices from the Pandemic: COVID 19 & Work
Test Their Logik | The Big Sing | Dog Island | NFB Playlist | Reel Justice | DaPoPo Theatre

Two Solitary Sound Walks:
Vista by Zuppa Theatre Co. | Walking Gottingen by Jayde Tynes & Francella Fiallos

Check out for all the details.

Check out Andrew David Terris’s short video titled: Koanimation

Halifax Fringe ARTIST”S WAY Group (led by Koumbie!)

The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path To Higher Creativity by American author Julia Cameron. Have you heard of it? Have you ever wanted to read the book and follow the guide? We know a bunch of people who have started and stopped over the years. Now seems like a good time to team up and work through it together. We’re hosting weekly meetups, led by Koumbie, where she will lead us through the book, reflections on each chapter, etc.

We are starting Wednesday, April 1st, at 7 pm AST. The Meetups (via Zoom) will be every Wednesday to follow for 12 weeks (for the 12 chapters).

We would love it if you’d keep coming back every week, but if you aren’t sure if you can make the commitment, that’s ok too.

Please pre-register! Knowing how many people want to take part will affect how Koumbie plans the weekly check-ins. To register email:

You can find a free download of the book online and we’ll email you a PDF of the book when you register.

Check out “I Love You More”, a short by Kevin Hartford

Socially Distant Stuffies
By Kirsten Bruce, Adriana Loewen, Christian Ludwig Hansen, and Ella MacDonald

Project Description: The Big Little Adventures of Russell and Beebee’ is a puppetry project created by Socially Distanced Stuffies that began as a remote theatre collaboration challenge. The first episode was created in under 24-hours with a devised concept, script, and original score. The result was a 5-minute long uplifting and absurdist tale of two friends (plush toys) who struggle to find affordable housing in the Halifax Housing crisis. They meet several curious characters as well as an actual live house cat along the way. The work features simple hand-crafted puppets and sets, and inventive scene transitions with limited cuts. The work was live-streamed as part of The Villians Theatre ‘Isolate Nights’ remote creation showcase, and the project was then featured in this article by the CityNews Toronto. Find our first video here at 43:12.

Our mission is to create child-friendly videos that use humour to address adult issues, such as the housing market, personal health challenges, workers rights, body image, etc. Part of our mandate is to provide a delightful distraction from these uncertain and challenging times without ever referencing the COVID-19 Pandemic itself.

We would like to continue this work as a multi-episode web series of positive content for our growing group of fans. As we are all students and artists whose artistic practices have been halted by the pandemic, this has been a unique opportunity to stay connected with other artists while in isolation and continue to practice a myriad of theatrical skills.

Villain’s Theatre Presents Isolate Nights!

In March 2020, theatre artists from across the country working in isolation during the global pandemic read an unjuried selection of new plays created during these times of crisis. Visit their website to watch these new works. Want to join in next time? Join thier mailing list to find out more!

suddenlyListen presents COVIDeos
suddenlyLISTEN is setting up a series of isolation music performances (COVIDeos) on our youtube channel. Find the first performance here.

The Unnatural Disaster Theatre Company

Check out these videos that the Unnatural Disaster folks (i.e. Logan and Linda) have been creating since this whole virus thing kicked off!
*the puppet scene at the park was filmed before the parks were closed