Saved! We bought our building!


On July 30th, the Bus Stop Theatre Co-op took ownership of 2203/2205 Gottingen St and 2268 Maitland St, thus saving our theatre!

Our efforts over the last two years have paid off. It has taken a lot of hard and persistent work to get here, but your support is what made it possible.

When it came time to demonstrate the importance of the Bus Stop and how much it is valued, you delivered and that’s what steered the campaign in our favour. THANK YOU!

The context of the pandemic makes it a bit of a bittersweet victory given how challenging it will be to present live events for the foreseeable future. Nonetheless, we are shifting gears to up our game as a recording and broadcasting studio and also enthusiastically planning renovations to better serve performing artists.

There are many individuals and organizations that deserve thanks for our success. Here’s an attempt at not missing anyone:

  • Our staff and board of directors who have taken on this daunting challenge while also steering the Bus Stop through an unprecedented growth in our operations.
  • Bruce Klinger of Strategic Art Management and Peter Henry who provided invaluable help in demonstrating the feasibility of our vision.
  • The civil servants and managers at the city of Halifax, the NS Dept of Communities, Culture & Heritage and at Canadian Heritage who believed in our cause and did all they could to help us through.
  • Councillor Lindell Smith, MLA Lisa Roberts and MP Andy Fillmore for advocating on our behalf.
  • Paul Radford at Patterson Law, Wayne MacDonald at Cushman & Wakefield, and Lisa Ladouceur & Andrew Higgins at Englobe for their expertise.
  • The anonymous donor who offered our first $100,000 and demonstrated we were to be taken seriously.
  • All the artists who performed or helped behind the scenes for our celebration concert.
  • The North End Business Association and all the north end businesses who donated door prizes.
  • Everyone who has offered money, time and their voice.
  • Those before us who have stewarded the theatre and made it easy for us to demonstrate its place in the community.
  • Clare Waque for making the transition possible.


Celebrate with us with these videos…