Renovation Plans – Feedback welcome!

Dear member-owners and friends of the Bus Stop Theatre Co-op,
It’s been a wild year for the Bus Stop to say the least! While in the midst of a pandemic we managed to save our theatre and raise enough funds to undertake some important and exciting renovations.
Four months ago, your Board of Directors struck a Building & Renovations Committee to direct the design process assigned to Peter Henry Architects for renovations to our newly acquired property. This committee includes Chelsea Dickie, Lara Lewis, Tara Taylor, Nick Cox, Audrey Eastwood, Matt Downey and Sébastien Labelle. As a whole or in sub-committees, we have been meeting with Peter and his team on a regular basis to review design drafts. We also sought advice from April Hubbard, Paul Vienneau and Anne Sinclair about accessibility and sent out a survey through which we collected a large amount of very useful feedback that informed our design.
After months of work, we’d now like to invite you to look at our plans and offer any feedback!

Presentation & Drawings

On Tuesday, November 10th, we offered a presentation of these plans over Zoom.  A recording of this presentation can be found by clicking the button below (Password: +@KN2ke%). This presentation walks you through the drawings and includes 3D modeling.
NB: Jump to 14:00 for the start of the presentation
You can also download a copy of our architectural drawings in PDF for a closer and more detailed look.

Feedback Form

We would love to heard your thoughts on our work so far. Please click the button below to fill out a feedback form. We will collect feedback until Friday, November 20th.