A new year! Time to renew!

Dear member-owners,
We are charting new territory with the Bus Stop Theatre Co-op! And now is the time to renew your membership to help us steer through the challenges ahead.
This last spin around the sun was a challenging one for many. We’ve certainly faced our share with repeated closures, cost inflation, renovation delays, etc.
But, we made it! And we’re now stoked to be entering our first full year of operations as new property owners.
While we’re hitting the ground running, we’re doing so in the context of post-emergency measures anxiety and a near depleted inventory of small performance spaces in the city.
We’re entering a new era for the Bus Stop and we will be looking to our members for guidance on how to address the challenges ahead and figuring out our role in supporting our community.
Stay tuned for notices of a town hall AGM, which will take place in March. Until then, please renew your membership to stay in touch!
Membership terms expire at the end of every new calendar year, which means that all 2022 memberships have now expired and must be renewed to remain active.
Follow this link to renew: https://busstoptheatre.coop/join/
Happy new year!!
In co-operation and solidarity,