The Provincial Funding Freeze Must Stop

Please help us pressure our PROVINCIAL government to increase the level of funding made available through operating grants to arts organisations. Budgets for these grants have been frozen for 17 years! The last increase was in 2006. The freeze is debilitating current recipients whose levels of funding cannot keep up with inflation and increased needs, and prevents both growth and diversity in the sector by shutting out any new applicants since 2006.

The Bus Stop Theatre Co-op does not receive support from the province through the Operating Assistance grants and will not be able to do so until this budget increases and allows new applicants.
Operating Assistance grants offer stable and reliable multi-year funding directed toward the core administrative operations of organisations. In other words, what keeps them running! Without this support, organisations are left to rely on intermittent and unpredictable project funding, and staff are forced to undervalue their labour and work themselves toward burnout.
The situation must change! If you love the Bus Stop and you love the arts, please advocate for arts funding. The Ross Creek Centre for the Arts is spearheading a campaign for such a purpose. You can find information about it here:
They’ve also prepared some instructions on how to prepare a budget submission and template letter. We’ve made them available on our website here:

BEFORE February 3rd. Send to and copy

  1. Your MLA

  2. The Honourable Susan Corkum-Greek, Minister of Economic Development:

  3. The Honourable Pat Dunn, Minister of Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage:

  4. The Honourable Tim Houston, Premier of Nova Scotia:

  5. Chris O’Neill, NS Arts coalition:

I know it can feel like tedious work, but I implore you to please take the time to send a budget submission as per the instructions found via the link above. Change will only happen if we work together to have our voices heard.