StART Mentorships

The Bus Stop Theatre and StART are offering 4 incredible mentorships!

Each mentorship spans 4 weeks with with industry professionals with paid performing opportunities.

  • Music with JRDN and Donny Milwalkee (applications closed)
  • Dance with I’thandi Munro and Tempo (deadline May 21st)
  • Multi-Disciplinary (to be announced)
  • Writing (to be announced)
Apply now to our Dance mentorship and stay tuned for further announcements!

>>Dance Artists Apply Here <<


I’thandi Munro

I’thandi Munro is an award winning professional performance and visual artist. She has a BFA from NSCAD and movement is at her core of making. Munro uses the representation of line and lineage as underlying concepts in her fine art, craft, photography and dance. Continuously merging different mediums into finished pieces there is always a sense of multiplicity within her work, she leaves space for her pieces to naturally evolve through reaction and discussion. Munro creates an ever-changing body of work that can be explored and realized in different ways


Known professionally as Tempo, Jordan is a multifaceted creative entrepreneur with roots both in Ontario and Nova Scotia.  Starting as a dancer, Jordan worked with Concrete Roots and Unity Charity, developing a strong sense of community. Equipped with a thorough understanding and connection to music, this fuelled the need to take control of the very language that influenced his movement, ultimately resulting in the transition to production. Making the jump to music, the 2019 HopScotch All Styles winner has since dedicated his craft to becoming more involved in projects advocating for racial equality and artistic freedom throughout the Province.

StART is supported by Arts Nova Scotia and the Canada Council for the Arts