20/20 Vision: The Bus Stop Theatre’s 20th Anniversary Celebration

On August 25th, join us for a smorgasbord of performances in honour of the Bus Stop Theatre’s 20th Anniversary! 

Interested in volunteering at the event? Drop us a line!

The Bus Stop Theatre is celebrating 20 years of being a community hub for artists of all disciplines and backgrounds with 20 events from over 20 different artists. Friday August 25th, join us for a drop-in day of performances from local artists, food, and fun activities!

With theatrical performances from ZUPPA, The Villains Theatre, and Keith Morrison, standup comedy from Adam Myatt, a breakdance cypher with the F.L.A.S.H. Crew, spoken word from Andre Fenton, music from Page. 20 Band, Cong Chen, Riley Reign, Psiren, and General Khan, burlesque performances from Elle Lixer, Cyd ChartreuseAiya Xiaoxin, Tishina La Tush, Tiny Orchid and members of Atlantic Boylesque and visual art from Sydney Wreaks. Our lineup reflects some of the diverse array of art forms presented at the Bus Stop Theatre over the years.  Plus, check out our Bingo, BBQ, door prizes, 50/50, Penny Auction, Facepainting, Photobooth, Bus Stop Memories, and more!

“The Bus Stop Theatre has been a vital arts hub for twenty years, which is an astounding feat. The theatre exists thanks to the hard work of many volunteers whose dreams of an accessible black box venue on Gottingen street has made the Bus Stop what it is today,” says Colleen MacIsaac, founding Board member of the Co-op and interim General Manager. “Come out to the theatre to drop in for any of these amazing performances, check out what the theatre is like, or even to record a memory you might have about the Bus Stop. Whether you are discovering it for the first time or have seen the theatre through its 20 year history, we welcome you to come celebrate with us!”

We are also premiering a special collaboration with Big Spruce Brewing: a special 20th anniversary beer “Save the Drama For Your Mama” Organic Pale Ale! The bar will be open through the event with this and other delectable alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for sale.


Photobooth, Art Show featuring Sydney Wreaks, Bus Stop Memories, and Penny Auction through the day! 

Bingo in the Community room (off Maitland Street)
Free BBQ, facepainting, and performances (off Maitland Street)

  • Through the Choir
  • Donny Milwalkee and friends

Performances in the theatre:

  • The Villains Theatre presents THE BALLAD OF THE BUS STOP: a reading of a play by Dan Bray featuring Misha Bakshi, Taryn Hanrahan, and Danielle Toner
  • Adam Myatt Standup Comedy
  • Music and Monologues from ZUPPA

Performances in the theatre:

  • F.L.A.S.H. Crew breakdancing (incl. Tempo, Natorious, GenNew
  • Andre Fenton spoken word performance
  • Page. 20 Band musical performance

Music in the theatre:

  • Rob Hutten
  • Cong Chen
  • Riley Reign
  • Psiren
  • General Khan

Penny Auction and 50/50 draws
A Taste of Halifax Burlesque

  • Elle Lixer (She/her)
  • Cyd Chartreuse (she/her)
  • Aiya Xiaoxin (she/her)
  • Tishina La Tush (she/they)
  • Tiny Orchid (they/them)
  • Atlantic Boylesque

Performance and Dance Party

  • Elvis Boils an Egg – performance by Keith Morrison     
  • Dance party to close out the night!