Bus Stop Looks for New Executive Director

The Bus Stop Theatre Co-op prepares to bid farewell to Executive Director, Sébastien Labelle, and announces a job posting to find who will next take the organization’s lead as it moves into a new chapter of its life.

“The Bus Stop has been through a lot in recent years and is now more financially stable than ever before, which opens up new opportunities to explore. It feels like the right time to make space for someone else to bring new energy and new perspectives to take it to its full potential,” says Labelle, outgoing Executive Director.

The new job opening is designated for racialized candidates as part of the co-op’s continued efforts to include a wide range of community representation within the organization. The co-op is seeking candidates with administrative and managerial skills, but also with experience transferable to a role as ambassador of the organization and steward of its co-operative culture and community relationships.

Although the Bus Stop attracts people and groups who are aligned with its mission to cultivate community, culture and creativity in Kjipuktuk/Halifax’s north end, its co-operative model makes the organization and the needs it serves very diverse.

“The skills of a community organizer come in handy. I didn’t come into the role with much experience in arts administration, myself. I was a union organizer prior to this and those are the skills that carried me through. The administrative skills I mostly just learned on the job,” says Labelle. “We are prepared to help in the transition and offer support to the new hire for the first few months so that they can learn what they need to know on the job and make them feel comfortable in the position,” adds Liliona Quarmyne, Chair of the Board.

The job posting closes February 5th, 2024 with an expected start date of June 1st. Sébastien Labelle will stay on in part-time capacity to provide mentorship and support for three months or as needed.

“It’s sad to see Sébastien go, of course, but it’s also exciting to set the course for the Bus Stop’s future under new direction, knowing how much potential has been made possible during Sébastien’s tenure,” says Quarmyne.

“It’s a good time for the Bus Stop, and it’s a good time for me,” says Labelle. “I look forward to focusing on my other job as director of the Mayworks festival, and also on making space for my own creative work as a performer and for my family.”

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