Accessibility Notes for the Community Room from Maitland Street

Access Between Levels: Access between the Gottingen Street theatre level and the Maitland Street community room level can only be made inside the building via the emergency exit stairs at the back end of the building. For those who cannot use stairs, access between levels can only be made by exiting the building and circling the block by using the sidewalks along Gottingen, Prince Williams and Maitland Streets. A paved pathway also connects Gottingen and Maitland Streets between Alter Egos Cafe (2193 Gottingen Street) and RadStorm/Eyelevel Gallery (2177 Gottingen Street). Both the sidewalks and the paved pathway connecting these streets are worn and bumpy in some areas. There is also an incline going up to Gottingen Street from Maitland Street.

Parking: Two hour free parking is available along both sides of Maitland Street. An accessible parking space is available at the top of the gravel driveway leading to the Community Room. The parking space is unpaved. It is located to the right of the entrance to the building.

Closest Transit Bus Stops: The closest bus stops are located on Gottingen Street. Heading North, the closest bus stop is located directly in front of the theatre (2203 Gottingen). Heading South toward downtown, the closest bus stop is located in front of Fortune Donut (2300 Gottingen).

Vestibule: Past the gravel parking lot, a concrete slab runs along the back of the building. The door to the community room vestibule is automatic. A button is located to the left and the door opens to the right. Inside the vestibule, a corridor leads straight toward the door to the community room. On the left of the corridor, another corridor takes you to the washrooms. Past this intersection, two closets are located on the left before arriving at the community room.

Washrooms: When turning left from the vestibule as you enter the building, two washrooms with braille signage are located on the right. The washroom to the left is accessible. A button is located on the right and the door opens to the right. Inside the washroom, the toilet is located to the left and a wheelchair accessible sink is located to the right. Grab bars are located behind and to the left of the toilet. An adjustable grab bar is also available to the right of the toilet. This washroom has a sharps container. To exit the washroom, the button is to the right and the door opens to the left. The second washroom is not accessible, but does include grab bars by the toilet.

Community Room: The door to the community room is automatic. The button is on the right hand wall and the door opens to the right. To exit, the button is on the right and the door opens left. Inside the room, any furniture is movable and can be made wheelchair accessible. A small kitchenette with a wheelchair accessible counter is located on the right when entering the community room.

Emergency Exit: In case of an emergency, a second exit pathway is available from the community room. Doors along this pathway are not automatic. A second exit door is located at the left hand back corner of the room. This door leads to a corridor that immediately turns left outside of the room. Follow this corridor to its end where another door opens to a small landing where the emergency stairs lead to the theatre upstairs. A door to the outside is located straight ahead past the stairs. This door is not automatic. There is a concrete slab outside the emergency exit at the back of the building. Past the concrete slab, a gravel parking lot on a downward slope will take you down to Maitland Street.

In case of an emergency, a person who cannot use doors that are not automatic should use the main exit for a fully accessible pathway. In the event that this exit is made unsafe or inaccessible, such a person will require assistance to exit through the alternate pathway.

In the event of a power outage, emergency lights will light up all emergency exit pathways leading to both the front and back of the building. Emergency pathway maps are located on the wall next to every doorway along these routes.