BSTC: Streamline Online UPDATE

Presented below are notes from our meeting last month where participants were asked to identify services of the Bus Stop Theatre Co-op that could be improved or added.

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Membership Services Development Project 
Canada Council for the Arts Session 1
Streamline Online


Community Consultation:

A group of Member Company, Artists and Patrons, as well as, staff and board members, met from 6:30-9pm on  November 7th. The project was presented by Clare Waque (see slide show). The group identified issues and brainstormed solutions to identified issues.

Attendees were asked to rank the top 5 priorities after having collectively critiqued issues with the presented documents.

Above is the ranking of the documents voted to be priorities. Below is a list of the documents presented for consideration, this list was added to by attendees.

Critical Feedback:

Attendees were asked to give critical feedback about what they disliked about the current practices and what needs work regarding our services.


Collective Solutions:

Attendees met in groups to brainstorm solutions and address these identified issues. Listed below in order of priority are the reproduced summary notes presented to the group at the conclusion of meeting.
Identified Priority Documents & Proposed Solutions

Rental Contract

  • Reduce noise
  • Divide into sections
  • Consider user design
  • Should be integrated with Quote Generator
  • Should be integrated with notifying Tech Staff / Bar / Neighbours
  • Should create a summery contract clearly stating; fees for not cleaning, legal responsibility, number of tech hours, bar nights, showtimes etc.

Key / Security

  • Log System
  • Suggested key-holdership: 10 keys to board, 5 long term rental, 10 keys for RSP
  • Tracking system for keys
  • Log book and numbered keys

Rhearsal Space Program
People want:

  • Online calendar of availability.
  • Self-serve booking moderated by Ed or TD
  • Booking Requests only possible 10 days in advance
  • No more than 4 total / consecutive bookings per 10 day period. 
  • No more than ten total bookings per month
  • Way to release booking on calendar if no longer needed
  • Is there a way for RSP to use lighting rig
  • Storage space for Rehearsal materials such as costumes


  • Clear statement of who is eligible and how
  • Use website to solicit proposals
  • Strategy session on the goal of Co-Pros: Bar Revenue ?, Affirmative Action?
  • Contract / letter of agreement, stating the expectations and obligations of both parties.

Online Quotes

  • Integrated with rental contract.
  • Approvable by staff / clear when just a ‘quote’ Vs ‘service order’
  • Able to consider membership discounts, able to recommend membership?…


  • Collectively we could assemble an event planning / theatre use guide.
  • Could include:
    • Open List
    • Close List
    • Key Policy
    • Reporting of equipment failure.
    • Sample Cue list / Spreadsheet
    • Sample Press Release / suggested dates for release
    • Sound System Summary with link to manual
    • Lighting System Summary with link to manual

Liquor License

  • Clear statement of Liquor License conditions
  • If bar income passes a certain number renter’s fee of 12 per night is waived.
  • Policy on how to get extended bar
  • Policy of renter’s bringing their own booze
  • Bring back Square for visa
  • Signage about License limits
  • Policy of donated booze     

Opening & Closing List

  • Integrate with beginning of rental and end of rental photo system
  • Deposit or fee if not followed
  • Renters receive a list daily, or have to signature each item every day by email? gform
  • Have a spot for renter cleaning supplies, labelled and easy to use
  • RSP: repercussions for leaving a mess (month of not using RSP)
  • Includes sandwich board and ramp, backdoor

Advertising on Website

  • Currently, it’s unclear that our website draws enough traffic to sell ads.
  • Our social media presence is stronger.
  • Website would need to be redesigned to be a place to go for what’s up in Halifax
  • Shows hosted here already advertised on website.
  • Sponsor recognition on website and newsletter.

House Technicians / Bring your own

  • Renters need (mandatory) a BST tech unless otherwise approved and have signed waiver or have insurance.
  • Discussed how often renters opt for the cheapest option possible, don’t pay tech, leaving inexperienced people handling expensive equipment.
  • Make technician fees mandatory for an 8 hour day of set up and light hang / focus with each rental (120 vs 60)
  • This will create opportunities / jobs

Neighbour Relationships

  • A light on the roof to tell neighbours with roof access that a show is on.
  • Option fro talking to them, offering complimentary tickets
  • They need to be sent notifications or bar schedule.

Lighting Inventory

  • Lock up extras
  • System for reporting equipment failure.
  • Policy of 24 hours to repair equipment
  • Policy for who is on the hook for damages
  • Set inventory in house lighting plot, set extras

Sound Inventory

  • Lock up extras
  • System for reporting equipment failure.
  • Policy of 24 hours to repair equipment
  • Policy for who is on the hook for damages
  • Set inventory in-house lighting plot, set extras   

Event Promotion / Website Update

  • The website is generally difficult to navigate, streamline to audience or renter
  • Events page is not intuitive, not in chorology, needs symmetry
  • The calendar could include, description of event.
  • Calendar also does not work at all on mobile devices