Call to Action: Stop the Cuts!

On Friday, February 17th, HRM Council will be debating whether or not to cut the city’s art funding budget by 55%.

The proposed cut would bring the current $540,000 the city invests in arts organisations down to $240,000 in the next year.

Arts organisations are barely holding it together as it is and a cut like this would be devastating to the whole sector. The arts community is rallying together to oppose this cut and calling on all supporters for help.

What you can do:

  1. Contact your city Councillor.
    You can use the TEMPLATE LETTER provided by the Khyber Centre for the Arts.
  2. Show up at City Hall.
    Arts organisations will be assembling at the Khyber Centre for the Arts (1880 Hollis St) before heading to City Hall for the 9:30am meeting start. Deliberations will take place throughout the day.
  3. Visual Arts NS is hosting a  letter writing and arts advocacy workshop that can help you with your letter:
    February 15, 6-7:30 PM AST Love Letters for Arts Funding: Free Advocacy Letter Writing Zoom Event


Keep an eye out on social media and share advocacy posts!


As posted previously, we are also advocating for an end to the 17 year freeze on provincial funding to operating support for arts organisations. While we’re now past the deadline to make budget submissions, it’s not too late to voice your concerns to provincial representatives. Send a letter demanding a stop to the freeze to: