The Bus Stop Rolls into the Future

Don’t have time? jump to the TL/DR (September 17, 2015) Halifax, N.S. – The Bus Stop Theatre rolls into the next phase in its evolution this month as Clare Waque, […]

It’s that Time of Year Again

The Bus Stop Theatre Cooperative is entering it’s 3rd year as a community run organization. This year’s Annual General Meeting is going to be the most important meeting we’ve hosted […]

Not So Close to My Backyard

The following originally appeared at Running a social enterprise presents many challenges and contradictions. Last week I requested that council look out for The Bus Stop Theatre’s future by […]

The Bus Stop’s Here

There was a great article in The Coast about the Bus Stop back in 2010. It’s great to look back and see how far we’ve come! Check it out here.

Boom! It’s a Box Office!

Boombox is a hali-local online box office. This service helps build capacity in our creative community while keeping more money right here at home. You’re able to list, share, sell […]

Cinema, Theatre, Concert Hall, & Bus Stop

So we pulled together this cute little video! It’s a time lapse that takes you through the exciting process of switching the Bus Stop Cinema to the Bus Stop Theatre. […]